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Fight Night Cthulhu

Contestants: Hunting Horror vs. Sherman M4 and its crew

Arena: a steep ravine with a river at the bottom of it

The tank is cradled against a slope. One man on guard (the driver), the rest of the crew sleeping. The hunting hunter approaches but the driver notices its snaky shape in the air and raises the alarm while manning the .50 cal topside machine gun. He manages to shoot as the horror flies over but it's a miss – although the target is big, it is also fast and extremely wriggly, and the soldier doesn't really have time to aim. On the plus side, the shots distract the monster and the attack fails.   

The rest of the crew are awoken. The co-driver just stands in shock as he suffers from temporary insanity on seeing the thing. The commander, the gunner and the loader run to get into the tank. In the meantime, the horror turns back to commence another attack.

The driver shoots and hits but the bullets bounce off the rubbery skin. The monster is upon him in no time, grabs him with its tail and flies away. Now, the loader mans the gun and traces the horror with a round of bullets but misses while the monster bites the helpless driver's head off. One out of five.    

In the meantime, the co-driver comes out of his stupor and reaches for a Thompson in the outer locker. The commander gets his head out of the tank's top hatch in an attempt to help the gunner aim the 75mm cannon. However, to hit a target that quick and squirmy seems  impossible.

The horror makes another flyover, the loader misses and gets his upper body bitten off as this time the monster attacks directly with its teeth. Two out of five. The co-driver sends a round and hits but his Thompson can't hurt the beast. As the monster flies away, the booming sound of the cannon fills the ravine. Pieces of rock and muck go into the air blocking the view. After they fall, the horror is nowhere to be seen.

The much diminished crew drives away. Suddenly, they hear a terrible shriek from afar despite the roar of the engine. The skin of the commander blackens and burns. The horror has just cast the Shriveling spell. Chaos ensues: the tank runs into the river and gets stuck. Another shriveling attack renders the commander dead. Three out of five.  

The gunner gets out. Standing in front of the tank, he makes futile attempts at helping the driver move the Sherman. The hunting horror flies over again and attacks the man with its teeth twice. Luckily, the gunner dodges both attacks and then, in an incredible stroke of good fortune, the driver uses the .30 cal internal machine gun to hit the monster's head as it comes down to finally chop up the man in front of the tank. This time more than a dozen bullets hit the horror and do enough damage to blow its head off. The falling body misses the gunner by inches.

The fight is over. The tank wins. 

This episode really happened as I was running Forgotten Wars from Atomic-Age Cthulhu. 

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